We're so honored by every person and organization that has endorsed Belal Elrahal for Judge.
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Michelle Abbott

Taylor Adams

Anderson Barron

Rhonda Brooks

Allen Brotherton

Seth Bullard

Habekah Cannon

David Curcio

Jessica Delucia

Kristen Dewar

Ron Everhart

James Exum

Ryan Featherson

Mark Foster

Elizabeth Gerber

Taylor Goodnight

Samantha Grill

Carter Hammett-McGarry

AJ Hauser

Rob Heroy

David Hitchens

Rhonda Hitchens

Katie Claire Hoffman

Ron Everhart

Mark Jetton

Mike Kabakoff

Janki Kaneria

George Laughrun

Trey Laughrun

Benjamin Leighton

Brandon Leonard

Alex Loyal

Danielle Maddox

Jeremy Maddox

Brian Mahoney

Pender McElroy

Catherine McCormick

Eric Meredith

Charles Modlin

Anthony Monaghan

Dana Monaghan

Molly Morgan

Spencer Morrow

Christine Nelson

Peter Nicholson

Kate O’Connor

Adam Owensby

Victoria Perez

Greg Plumides

Tony Purcell

Lee Robertson, Jr

Nathan Rubenson

Kathy Simmons

Carson Smith

Jason St. Aubin

Eddie Thomas, Jr.

Eli Timberg

Noell Tin

Greg Tosi

Jennifer Tosi

Bob Trobich

Yolanda Trotman

Kevin Tully

Emily Wallwork

Bob Ward

Rebekah Whilden

Brian Wood

Virginia Wooten

Susan Zach

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Organization Endorsements

The Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg is a non-partisan organization dedicated to ensuring the voice of the Black community is represented at the political table, and to endorsing and supporting candidates who share their principles and mission.

Run For Something is a nationwide organization dedicated to helping qualified, progressive grassroots Democratic candidates get elected. Click here to see the Medium Post announcing our endorsement!

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